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   About Jana

Born and raised in rural Germany, Jana took to various creative outlets from an early age.

She holds a degree in interior architecture and has filled senior and lead roles in renowned design and architecture practices for a decade.

Jana moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to work with designer legend Marcel Wanders as well as dutch design star Piet Boon.


Dancing between the contrasting worlds of luxurious beach resorts or cosmopolitan hotels with their vibrant bars and restaurants on the one hand; and refined, balanced private homes on the other, Jana acquired a versatile list of projects.

Her experience in blending complementing creative disciplines, like architecture, interior and furniture design enables her to develop wholesome and inspiring environments.


   Organic Sequences

In art, Jana experiments with processes and techniques that do not focus on the perfect outcome, but rather let structures unfold slowly and grow organically with the flow of the ink. Results should not be influenced or forced, the dynamic of the moment defines the drawing.

The Organic Sequences are a series of illustrations borne from the desire to reclaim the time, physical and mental space occupied by the pressures of today’s world.

She began the series as a past-time, a means to slow everything down and quieten the mind. After a time, the repetitive process of the work itself evolved into an act of meditation. Each illustration is unique and reflects her moods and tempers of the hours and days it has been created on.


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IMG_0482 (1).jpg

Jana lives and works in Amsterdam, NL.

Her artwork has been exhibited at:

The Modern, Amsterdam 2018

Accessible Art Fair, Brussels 2019

August Fifth Gallery, Gennep 2020 

Moon Art Fair, Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, 2021

Luxembourg Art, 2022

Monat Gallery, Madrid 2022

Creatives Collective, Amsterdam 2023

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 2023

Bank Art Fair, Seoul 2024


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